Silver Deposition on Alumina Membranes

Monday, June 27, 2005

I began as a leader in my high school chemistry lab, now I am leading myself toward as much knowledge as I can endure. I am beginning my sophmore year at Drexel University this September, and I hope to continue my research as an undergraduate chemistry major. I was picked for the Maryanoff Fellowship through Drexel, which has allowed me to feel comfortable in a labratory environment long before my first co-op experience. So far avarything is as new and exciting as one would expect.
As I continue toward fulfilling my degree requirements I hope to be accepted to a B.S./M.S. program at Drexel. If I am accepted, I would complete my Master of Science in the same time I could complete my Bachelor. My work is dealing with silver deposition in nanoporous alumina membranes. I am working in Dr. Bradley's Chemistry Lab.


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